Steingrimsson leads after 6 rounds

After 6 rounds, GM Hedinn Steingrimsson looks like the favourite to capture his 4th Icelandic Championship.  Hedinn leads the tournament with 5,5 out of 6 and disposed of the #1 seed GM Hannes Stefansson in the 6th round in convincing fashion.

Hedinn has played well but also had lady luck on his side, a deadly combination. Another player who has had lady luck firmly on his side is IM Gudmundur Kjartansson, the 2014 winner, sitting on 5 out of 6.  Gudmundur is the only realistic threat to Hedinn with the 3rd place firmly behind these two with 4 points. Gudmundur will try to keep pace and then faces Hedinn with the white pieces in the last round.

GM Stefansson is out of contention and IM Bjorn Thorfinnsson who had some chances lost them when he couldn’t make an exchange sacrifice work against FM Sigurbjorn Bjornsson.

The standings:

1. Héðinn Steingrímsson (2562) 5½ out of 6.
2. Guðmundur Kjartansson (2437) 5
3. Dagur Ragnarsson (2320) 4
4. Björn Þorfinnsson (2407) 3½
5. Sigurbjörn Björnsson (2268) 3
6. Hannes Hlífar Stefánsson (2566) 2½
7.-8. Davíð Kjartansson (2389) og Vignir Vatnar Stefánsson (2334) 2
9. Guðmundur Gíslason (2336) 1½
10. Bárður Örn Birkisson (2162) 1