Round 4 – Bragi now sole leader

The defending champion, Hedinn Steingrimsson, lost his first game of the 2016 championship when Gudmundur Gislason played an excellent game to defeat the grandmaster. Gislason surprised Hedinn in the opening with 1.e4 c5 2.Be2, a system used for instance by Igor Kovalenko, Gawain Jones and Luke McShane. This surprise unrattled Hedinn a bit who had a bad day at the office.

gudmundur hedinn lit

Jóhann Hjartarson (2547) had the white pieces against Bragi Þorfinnsson (2426). Johann seemed to have some pressure from the opening but Bragi defended well and didn’t give the experienced grandmasters any chances to outplay him. This means bother players are near the top, Bragi the s0le leader with 3,5 points while Johann is in a pack with other on 3 points.

Davíð Kjartansson (2371) and Jón Viktor Gunnarsson (2454) played an exciting game where it looked like Jon Viktor was getting his 4th straight win until the tables were turned right at the end.

Björn Þorfinnsson (2410) defeated Guðmund Kjartansson (2457) in 85 moves and Hjörvar Steinn Grétarsson won his first game wth a patient display against Jóhann Ingvason (2142). Finally Einar Hjalti Jensson won against Örn Leó Jóhannsson.

Bragi Þorfinnsson leads with 3,5 while four players are half a point behind with 3 points.